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Guide to Hearing Aids

Make informed decisions on the purchase of your next hearing aid device.

Hearing Protection

Custom earmolds and earplugs for swimmers, hunters and musicians.

Welcome to Continental Hearing Aid Center

Welcome to Continental Hearing Aid Center! Mr. Richard Stone has been serving the Bay Area for the past 45+ years and deems it his personal mission to have people that walk in through the front doors become his family. He does this by giving his 200% in making sure that every one that comes in leaves with a smile on their face and are served with the utmost satisfaction of their needs. He was also ranked highly by a third party evaluator-"Bay Area Consumer's Check Book".

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Hearing Care

If you're not sure whether some speech sounds are currently falling outside of your listening range, come in for a no-cost Hearing Evaluation and we will baseline your hearing range. Mr. Stone will explain to you whether you need hearing aids and which one best suits your needs.

For,contrary to public belief, the most expensive ones might not be necessary. We also carry the name brand Unitron which has a "Flex Trial" unit to determine your life style and match you with the ones that you will love and can't live without!


Hearing Aid Styles
Unitron Hearing Aids

Hearing Products and Accessories

We also have musician plugs for protecting the ears of musicians, Ear Protection for industrial workers, gardeners, farmers and hunters from loud bursts of noises and the constant loud drone of machinery, snore plugs to keep families sleeping together, and swim plugs that float for swimmers. Look at our website for more information and choose colors of plugs or hearing aids that match your hair or skin color so that they remain inconspicuous, like cinnamon, espresso boost, or platinum. Or, colors that you can flaunt like teal blast or amber suede.

The Westone brand ear protection can come in florescent colors or sparkles so that if you lose them, they are easier to find. Call now, so that you will be able to benefit from them at your earliest convenience! Same day appointments are generally available. If you have to come in for an adjustment, we don't keep you waiting like the big-box stores.

Hearing Aids

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Ready to take your hearing health into your own hands? Call our office today to schedule a visit with one on our hearing care professionals. With a variety of hearing technology available, we’ll find the right fit for you!